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EASIEST WAY TO fuel yourself

Powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins and pro-biotics in a
smoothie blend made with real fruits and veggies you can actually see!

How To Use IT


Blend-in our superfood powder in water or milk to boost your immune system and tidy up your GI tract.

sprinkle it

Kick-start your morning routine with a scoop in your pancakes, oats or on tasty yogurt.

mix it up

Add to your favorite recipes to enhance the flavor and boost your health all day long.




Fight inflamation with Every fruit and vegetables in our smoothies helps fight inflammation

Probiotics are Pro GI

Keep your insides working and clean with a ton of fiber and top it off with probiotics

Boost Your Immune System

Give your body all the tools it needs to fight viruses and infections

Super Antioxidants

Fight diseases and aging by packing a super dose of powerful ingredients

Healthy Heart

Help keep your cholesterol low and your juices flowing

Feel The Energy

Probiotics, fiber and antioxidants will keep you feeling active, energetic and healthy

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Client’s Thoughts


I love not having to go to the supermarket every other day to be able to eat all the fruits and veggies I needed. Now, I just scoop, mix and drink my superfoods!
David J.
Mornings in my house used to be like a warzone. Now-days, the only battle is who'll have double pancake to enjoy the sweet berries in each bag.
Jessica F.
Working out and eating junk was so demoralizing. So every morning after my workout I spice my shakes with the superfood and my hunger goes away
Hugo C.

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100% Organic
Fair Trade
Quality Tested
Very Safe Use
Packaged in the USA

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